Summer Saison- Green Flash

To the untrained eye the Summer Saison  has a fizzy yellow beer look to it.  Though if you had the slightest taste for craft beer you probably have a good idea of whats going on in this beer.  It is a light bodied beer with citrus, lemon, as well as hints of banana flavors which all can be tasted and smelt.  I would compare it to many of good wheat beers.  Hope I didn’t offend any Germans or Belgians by comparing styles. This Farmhouse ale by San Diego County’s Green Flash Brewery is a great choice on a nice hot summer day working the farm fields of Belgium or something of this nature .  At 4.3% ABV Summer Saison is what I like to call a good duration beer, meaning that it can be consumed for long periods of time with less likely hood of falling over.  Wheat or No Wheat its a great light and refreshing beer!



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